The Rockwell Project

Jim Rockwell's Message is Simple:

Good Priorities + Self Control = A Responsible Lifestyle


Jim Rockwell got a second chance with life, and he's dedicating it to educating teenagers about what happens when you drink & drive. After being given up for dead when he crashed his car into a telephone pole at he age of 16, Jim spent years learning to walk & talk again.

Although he made a miraculous recovery, Jim has permanent and visible disabilities from the accident. Students may be able to tune out words from other lecturers, but they cannot tune out Jim. His is a compelling presence, and his mission is to give kids today the benefit of his hard-won experience. "Some need to see the consequences of someone real, not hear about tragedies they can only imagine. Reality is, for some, the only learning tool left short of a fatal accident," says Jim.

Don't miss the opportunity to have him speak at your school or organization. Read some of the testimonials from students and teachers who have heard him, and sign-up today to have Jim Rockwell bring his anti-underage drinking mission to you.